We work with the industry. We work with the academia. And we also work with the solution providers.

As part of our efforts, we have divided our work into the following factions.


What is the road ahead? Should you go for a particular training that everyone is talking of? What is the best method to get maximum output without straining your resources? How can you adopt the technology to its best use in your organisation?

These are just some of the issues that is almost always overlooked before an organisation decides for training.

Our team does the assessment and presents an objective analysis to help your organisation take the right decision towards training.

“Unlearn to Learn” Training Workshops:

Our training workshops include:

  • Quality Assessment and Training as per codes and standards
  • Workshops to bring lean manufacturing, save costs and minimise wastage.
  • Technical workshops for Industry 4.0

IndiaWelds Synergy is the flagship event to bring all three main vertices for the growth of manufacturing sector and also strengthen the bond between the various factions.

This is the only event of its kind that has garnered much applause from all factions.

Marketable Technology Adoption:

We pick up innovations from labs and provide them the right platform to take them to the market.

Since all innovations are not enterprising, at times a tweak or two makes a new technology marketable. So, here again we work with the academia and the industry to provide the much needed insight.

IndiaWelds Newsletter:

Our bilingual newsletter with articles on both English and Hindi on welding is the only one of its kind. We encourage a constant knowledge dissemination from the welders to every other stakeholders.

From basics to the advanced technology, from the new happenings to the new technology developed, this gives a fresh perspective to manufacturing.