Rolling Stock Components  for Registration of your product

1- Car body

a. Car body shell

b. Underframe

c. Floor

d. Crash structure

e. Windows

f. Insulation

g. Painting and Sound damping

h. Fixing / connecting elements

2- Car body fittings

a. Front/End car body fittings

b. Roof car body fittings

c. Underframe car body fittings

d. Lateral car body fittings

3- Guidance (Bogies and running gear)

a. Motor bogie

b. Trailer bogie

4- Power System

a. Power supply

b. Power generation

c. Power conversion

d. Power dissipation

e. Power storage

5- Propulsion

a. Traction Control Unit (TCU)

b. Gear box

c. Traction motor

d. Mechanical transmission

e. Power converter

6- Auxiliary systems

a. Air supply system

b. Hydraulic system

c. Auxiliary electric system

d. Main Auxiliary Converter equipment

e. Low Voltage Power Supply / Battery Charger equipment

f. Special Aux. Converter equipment

g. Battery equipment

h. External supply system

i. Cooling unit for power and drive systems

j. Fire protection system

k. Sanding equipment

l. Horn

m. Flange lubrication device

7- Braking System

a. Brake control system

b. Friction brake equipment

c. Wheel Slip Protection (WSP) equipment

d. Magnetic track brake equipment

e. Emergency brake equipment

f. Eddy current brake equipment

8- Interiors

a. Interior architecture

b. Interior equipment

c. Toilet system

d. Engine room

e. Catering system

9- On board vehicle control

a. Electronic Train Control System (ETCS)

b. Train Control Management System (TCMS)

c. Heritage Automatic Train Protection (ATP) unit

d. Automatic Train Operation (ATO) unit

e. Fault data logger

f. Heritage juridical recorder unit

g. Voice recorder

h. System, capture unit

i. Video surveillance

j. Electronic rear mirror

10- Passenger information System (PIS)

a. Public Address System

b. Safety Alarm Systems

c. Central Passenger information System (PIS) unit

d. Driver-Machine Interface (DMI) for train/travel information

e. Seat reservation

f. Billing System

g. Trackside equipment

11- Communication systems

a. Train to wayside communication system

b. Onboard communication system

12- Cabling and Cabinets

a. Cabling

b. Cabinets

13- Door System

a. External doors

b. Internal doors

14- Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

a. Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) control unit

b. Air conditioning system

c. Heating system

d. Air ventilation and distribution system

e. Air intake

f. Exhaust air unit

g. Pressure protection system

15- Tilt System

a. Tilt Control Unit

b. Actuating System

c. Pantograph tilt system

d. Tilt monitoring and detection

16- Lighting

a. Emergency lighting system

b. Exterior lighting system

c. Interior lighting system

17- Coupler

a. Front coupler

b. Intermediate coupler

c. Emergency coupler (Towing coupler)