Welding is an integral part of fabrication. And while it is indeed one of the most widely used operations in the industry, it entails some risks too. There are many health hazards and risks that are associated with welding. They include burning, inhalation of fumes, problems from radiation, mechanical hazards etc. Though they can be fatal, there are ways and means of addressing these issues. Knowledge of these problems is the first step towards making yourself safe. That is why providing MSDS sheets for different components used during welding have become mandatory these days.

Here is an attempt to bring forth the most common issues related to safe welding and direct our readers to further useful sites.

The GoI has enumerated norms for welding safety as enlisted by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). A list of Indian Standards (BIS) on welding can be found here.

American Welding Society has enlisted an exhaustive safety and health fact sheets.

More information about welding safety can be found at the following sites:

ESAB India

Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Welding Safety by Welding Technology Institute of Australia


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