Date: Friday, 25th Feb, 2022 | Time: 1630 hrs to 1730 hrs IST

About the Concept

Total Welding Management is a system focused on improvement. It includes management principles, and a planning process with a structured approach. When adopted by a company, it can improve welding quality and productivity, thus helping the company to become more competitive and more profitable. This was originally proposed by Jack R. Barckhoff, P.E.,USA and later adopted by AWS in a book.

In this workshop, learn the concept through case studies that will help to understand how it has solved real world issues and improved productivity.

Who should attend?

All welding related professionals who want to improve on the crucial aspect of productivity will benefit from the workshop.

IndiaWelds ‘Welding over Web’ online workshop series in technical collaboration with Indian Welding Society invites you to the next workshop.

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This is a limited seats workshop. E Certificates will be given to the attendees.